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Cabezon Wounded Warrior Haven

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  • Cabezon, NM 87053
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    Are You Searching for a Veteran Charity Foundation Near San Ysidro?

    “You have never really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” – John Bunyan

    The Cabezon Wounded Warrior Haven Difference

    Our Mission: To serve, honor and assist Veterans to gain access to services and benefits while promoting family well being and camaraderie.

    What We Do: Connect veterans and their family to services and benefits, organize and support inclusive events, provide a haven where veterans and their family can come together.

    Why We Do It: Reduce veteran suicides (6,147 in 2020), support family (spouse, parents, children) togetherness feeling of affection and closeness),

    Who We Are: Volunteers who get involved and stepforward to provide services, contributions and or do work to support or veterans

    We Need You: We are looking for selfless members of the community who want to reduce veteran suicide, increase family togetherness by providing services, work and or contributions.

    Charity Events for Veterans


    At Cabezon Wounded Warrior Haven, we provide physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual integrative health services for first responders, military veterans, wounded warriors, and their families. Established in 2014, our charity foundation’s programs include equine and service animal-assisted interaction. As our investments and collaborations have continued to grow, CWWH’s commitment to empowering guests to move forward in life remains unchanged.

    Located in Sandoval County, New Mexico, CWWH is a remote, 65-acre ranch nestled in an abandoned western ghost town near the Rio Puerto River. Surrounded by a 32,000-acre BLM wilderness, Cabezon epitomizes the Old West and God’s precious miracle; the majestic 2,000-foot peak itself. We invite you to open your mind and share your life while enjoying a wide-variety of recreational activities.

    Shared Experiences that Heal Old Wounds

    It’s All About Giving Back

    At CWWH, we’re all about recognition and paying tribute to heroes and their families. Our events and activities help provide direction by enhancing life skills and building hope for the future. CWWH’s mission is honoring the brotherhood and camaraderie that was left behind with the fallen on the battlefield, along with reinstituting this philosophy and sense of leadership back into the family, team, and unit.

    Our programs and services focus on tradition, commitment, honor, and dignity as we share a heartbreaking bond with military and first responder families. However, CWWH wouldn’t exist without the charitable support of investors, civilian volunteers, and former combat soldiers. If you would like to volunteer or donate to CWWH, or book a stay with us, contact our office today.

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